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Monday, October 1, 2007

RuneScape Drop Party

Can you remember the first online multiplayer game you ever played, I'm sure most do. I remember mine and if you've heard of it you may also know about its reputation as being somewhat of a play ground for foul mouthed stealing dealing youngsters, the game I am talking about is RuneScape.

I played this game a lot and I think I got to level 70, I can't really tell anymore, it's been like 5 years since I last logged in and it's changed a lot and is still thriving.

I don't have any use for it any more, but I would still like to keep the account, so I thought to myself "I may just hold a drop party" I don't know when, but when I do decide to announce it I'll update this blog with the info.

I think the reason I stopped playing RuneScape was that there wasn't much else to achieve, I like the challenge of getting to a point, but most of the time I don't like the destination, so if I do ever decide to play RuneScape again, I'll start from scratch.

Here's a list of some of the items I have on RuneScape, I thought I had more, eh 5 years will do that to ya. Maybe the stuff isn't worth much anymore, I don't know.

1x Rune Full Helm
1x Rune Platebody
1x Rune Battle Axe
1x Rune Sq Shield
1x Rune Platelegs
1x Rune Med Helm
1x Black Kiteshield
1500x Fire Runes
38x Death Runes
170x Body Runes
478x Earth Runes
184x Air Runes
158x Nature Runes
152x Chaos Runes
34x Cosmic Runes
24x Law Runes
108x Water Runes
58x Mind Runes
About 45k in coins and a few other bits of junk.

So there's the list, is Rune armor still worth anything these days on runescape?

Anyway keep checking back here at Game Junker or even subscribe to the Game Junker Feed, I'll announce info about my drop party in about a week, could be sooner.

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