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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

What ever happened to Chad Warden?

If you don't know who Chad Warden is, here's a reminder.

Why PS3 is better than the Wii and 360

Chad Warden judging from that video is the biggest PS Triple Fanboy out there, he has three videos on youtube which have had about 1 million views and about 300 video responses. I think this is Chad Warden's blog, it doesn't seem to have been updated in awhile.

So the question is "What ever happened to Chad Warden", to me it seems like he dropped off of the radar not long after his videos got popular and was never heard from again, as Chad Warden anyway, but why? if he had kept things up maybe he'd be even more popular than he is now. My theories are that either it was to much for him or it's all an act. On the theory that it was all just to much, he has got a lot of hate directed towards him and some people couldn't handle that kind of attention, but he doesn't seem like that kind of fella.

The second theory I like more, if it is all just an act what is it in aid of? well money, judging from the amount of comments on his blog and in my experience he must have had quite a lot of traffic to the blog, here's where the money comes in, no matter where you go on his blog he has advertising, now I don't know how much traffic it has had, but say if it has had 1 million hits he could have possibly made $5,000, but not knowing his traffic who knows how much he could have made.

As far as I can tell the last anyone ever heard from him was not long after his last video upload April 17 2007. So the question still remains, What ever Happened to Chad Warden?


  1. If you go on youtube, now and again you will find a trace of the great man. I found a comment that he left on the profile page of one of his youtube fans. Also, on his profile page it usually says 'logged in 15 hours ago' or similar. He is still around, but for some reason not putting out videos, which is strange seeing as PS3 is doing better now and has won the blu-ray battle.
    One last thing, go on his profile and it says 'who is ready to begin the next level of ballin?'. Maybe he's planning the comeback now...

  2. Yea I noticed that to when researching the post that he was always recently logged.

    I just find it strange that with his youtube fame he didn't seem to be capitalizing on it... then again he is a baller.


  4. Chad Warden aint no fanboy. Chad Warden just likes the system that's the best. Thats that triple.

  5. Sega Deamcast 2 is comeing Date:2012

  6. He's a moron and was laughed off the internet. Personally I would bet Sony paid him off not to post any more videos. Hurling insults at borderline fans of multiple systems tends to push people away.


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