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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Will Little Big Planet be as big as Youtube?

Can anyone else see this happening? The tools are there for the insomniac geniuses to create marvelous creations and to garner evangelical followers, while the rest of us browse through a myriad of crappy levels only to return to the stars. Once in awhile a level will appear that's the hot shit, everyone will have to play through it, share it, but once everyone's had their fill it'll be onto the next hot thing.

Stars will rise and fall, cliques will form and eventually everyone will be rude as fuck.

Judging by the reactions of the recent beta release, Little Big Planet looks to be a solid and polished game, all it needs now is the no-life creation stations and it'll be set to be as big as Youtube.


  1. Wow what is your proplem dude?

  2. Just so you know, you're site in its current state is a waste of time.

    You are a PS fanboi and its seeps threw the mindless rants you post here.

    You should really rethink your site, or may just rethink the name of it.

    Next how can you have a gaming website, and not own any talk about xbox but yet all you own in a ps3. like i said waste of time.

    even if your site is a waste of time. Congrats on Earning enough Money to get a PSP. Don't know how you pulled that one off. most likely a lie but what ever.

  3. @Tiltmfc

    lol, just because you can only afford an XBOX360 arcade does not mean everyone else cant afford the real deal. THe PS3 has a lot more value, so I cant see why the author of this article would prefer a 360 ove PS3, The days of "ps3 has no games" and "xboxlive is better" are over come 10-24-08, when home and little big planet come out, so yeah I was smart enough to purchase a PS3 and not the shit 360.

  4. OK Im with the folks who say this guy is a complete fanboy. Please, LBP big as youtube, are you on heroin?? LBP will be big amoungst PS3 fanboys who have convinced themselves that that kiddy shit is as good as Gears of War II.

    No casuals will buy LBP, its too nitch, and without casuals you dont get big sales numbers.

  5. Am I a liberal to? I can't believe this 360 vs PS3 shits still around, I fucking hate this gang mentality.

    Sure maybe I could have titled the post better, but what I was getting at is will LBP become like youtube in the way people interact, share, create and browse. I'd say I'm a casual youtube user, I browse for videos to watch, if I find an interesting user I'll subscribe, I don't create many videos myself, I leave it to those with a passion for it, I can see similar properties in LBP.

    It's not about the numbers, it's about it becoming part of our culture and with the PS3 crowd it really could.

    To Tiltmfc, I don't even own a PS3, I only own a PSP. My brother owns the lot, I went from seeing him being a 360 nut to becoming a PS3 nut, though he still wont let me borrow his 360. If you check out the details of my quest I also want to own the lot and as for the money I'm earning online to achieve that, well, I have more sites than just this one.

    Cheers for the comments, keep em coming.


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